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Referral Program


At Casa Bella Windows And Doors, we pride ourselves on quality installation and service. If  we’ve exceeded your expectations and you know someone who may need quality windows and/or doors why not recommend Casa Bella and receive The Cineplex Great Escape Certificate.

 How It Works

  1. Submit the Name, Phone Number and email address for each referral
  2. We’ll contact your referral to schedule a free, no obligation estimate
  3. We schedule an appointment and submit a quote with the person(s) you’ve referred
  4. You receive the certificate in the mall
  5. Enjoy!

What Is Included In The Cineplex Great Escape?

The Cineplex Great Escape Certificate includes:

  • 2 general admissions.
  • 2 regular soft drinks.
  • 1 regular popcorn.

Approximate Retail Value: Up to $42.37

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