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Recycling Program

Recycling And Waste Reduction Efforts At Casa Bella Windows And Doors

environmentally-friendlyCasa Bella Windows And Doors is a Canadian-owned and operated company built on a strong foundation of ethical business practices, manufacturing excellence and customer service. Our track record of success is marked by a high degree of awareness and respect for the environment. From the sourcing of raw materials, to extrusion and manufacturing, to our installation process, we aim to reduce the company’s carbon footprint in every way.

By using our resources wisely, Casa Bella continues to make inroads into improving the environment that we all share.

Some examples of our recycling efforts currently underway are:

  • We source the glass for our windows and doors from a glass manufacturer that recycles all of the scrap glass. This is called “cullet” and is created during the glass manufacturing process. Our supplier recycles the cullet and it comprises between 20% to 30% of the typical glass composition that we use for our products.
  • We recycle all our scrap of steel, aluminum, plastic protective bags, glass and cardboard generated during the manufacturing process.
  • The vinyl used in our windows and doors contains recycled material content of 5% to 15%.
  • All of the vinyl end cuts and vinyl dust created in the window manufacturing process is captured and recycled.
  • Most plastic injected components used at Casa Bella contain a recycled content of 10% to 15%.
  • Our aluminum screen bar and grille contains a recycled content of 67%.
  • Entry door cut outs are repurposed into the insulation of basement concrete floors.
  • Waste wood from our Mill department is processed into sawdust on site for the agricultural market.
  • Used steel drums are captured from the waste stream and recovered for steel recycling.

Committed to Environmental Best Practices and Energy Efficient Products

At Casa Bella, we choose to work with suppliers and vendors that share our concern for the environment. Our design engineers, production crews and installation technicians are committed to minimizing pollution whether it is at our plant or while installing windows in your home.

Industry best practice requires us to meet Energy Star ratings, however, many of our windows exceed these ratings and deliver higher than expected energy-savings. We use advanced technologies such as Super Spacer™ and Warm Edge Spacer™ to make products that are cost-effective, low-maintenance, energy-efficient and Health Smart Certified.

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