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Window Installation Tips And Essential Factors To Consider

When Hiring A Window and Door Installations Company

While it’s true that product features and quality among reputable companies can be similar, not every company is the same.

Essential factors to consider when hiring a company to install your new windows and doors:

  • How long has the company been in business?
  • Are they a manufacturer or a distributor?
  • What is their area of expertise?
  • Do they install their products or do they outsource it to a third party?
  • Do they service and warranty their work/products?
  • Will they still be in business to honor their warranty?

Useful Tips On How To Ensure Proper Installation Of Your New Vinyl Windows

It is always safer to buy from a company that employs its own installers rather than outsourced workers or sub-contractors.

Be careful of companies that use sub-contractors to install their windows. Before any work begins, be sure to get proof of proper WSIB (workers’ compensation) and insurance liability coverage of at least $2 million by both, the company and the sub-contractors working at your home. This will help ensure there is adequate protection for you in case an installer is injured while working on your property.

Hire a company that employs installers specializing in renovation installations versus new construction. The installation process for replacement windows and doors is different to that of new construction installation.

The installation crews should have an excellent track record demonstrating that they are highly skilled in trim carpentry and follow industry best practices.

In addition to installing the windows and doors, a replacement installer must be careful not to damage flooring and furniture, properly insulate any gaps between the frame and the structure, seal the existing vapour barrier, air and water seal the exterior with caulking, install the interior trim, and clean up all work areas.

Be aware that when a company uses sub-contractors for installation, the installer can place a lien on your home. This may happen if they have a dispute with the company and are not fully paid, even though you have paid the company the entire cost charged to you.

Insist on a written estimate of cost and project completion timelines to avoid any costly surprises in the future.

Ask the installation company to present an overview of how the installation work will be done so you can prepare your home and family members for it. For instance, if they plan to work their way down starting with the upper floor first, you should know that before they arrive on site. You will need to make necessary arrangements for them to work as planned.

While a reliable window company with their own installation crews will take the care to not damage your furnishings and window coverings, you should put these away at your own discretion before the work begins.

Ask where the new windows and installation equipment and material will be stored. Will it remain in the installation crew’s truck until needed or will it be lying around on your premises creating disruption?

Before engaging the company, find out about after-sales and post-installation services. Sub-contractors are typically paid by the piece for window installation. If your window company outsourced the installation work, it’s unlikely that they will be available to help if any problems arise in the future.

Find out whether the crew supervisor will conduct a thorough before-and-after inspection. Trusted window installation companies will do both to ensure there are no issues during installation and after the job is complete.

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