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Classic Plus Series

Casa Bella’s Vinyl Window Offers Great Value For Your Money

CasaBellaClassicPluslogoThe Casa Bella Classic Plus Series combines great performance with value and economy. It offers the ultimate combination of energy efficiency, ease of operation and convenience. Proven performance in thousands of homes, the Classic Plus Series provides reliability at a reasonable and affordable price.
It is available in: Casement, Simulated Single Hung, Bay and Bow, and Specialty Shapes.

Standard Features Of The Classic Plus Series Window include:

  • Folding nested handle and dual arm hardware
  • Multi-Point Security Locks on 22” windows and higher
  • Sturdy Extruded Vinyl Construction
  • Multi-Hollow Chamber Design
  • Super Spacer™ | Warm Edge Glass Spacer
  • Fusion Welded Frame / Sash
  • Triple Weather Stripping
  • Exterior vinyl colours in Sandalwood, Driftwood, White and Ivory with white interior
  • Corrosion Resistant Screen
  • Low Maintenance – vinyl exterior frames require no painting
  • Resists Fading

Additional Options

  • Custom Colours
  • Various Grille and Glass Options
  • Brickmould

*Up to 95% Higher Energy Rating (ER) than current Energy Star requirements: Energy Star Chart
Learn More: NRCAN Guide To Understanding Window Ratings.

All Casa Bella windows feature Warm Edge Spacer Technology and as a result are Health Smart Certified. Protect your home and your family with Health Smart Windows®.

What Does A Health Smart® Certified Window Mean? How Does It Benefit You?

A Health Smart Certified® window is one that allows comfortable humidity levels to be maintained within your home. By doing so, it helps to greatly reduce condensation offering the best resistance to mold and its related health problems. Your family and you will enjoy clean indoor air, comfortable temperatures and good health as a result of installing Health Smart® Certified windows.


All Casa Bella windows are Health Smart® Certified featuring Warm Edge Spacer Technology and Super Spacer™. Super Spacer™ blocks the heat escape path and provides one of the best thermal performances in the industry. Most importantly, Super Spacer™ keeps condensation at near-zero levels. You don’t have to worry about harmful mold growth around windows. The flexible, organic foam warm edge spacer also offers excellent resistance to ozone, weathering, water and aging. It maintains its flexibility through even the most extreme fluctuations in temperature and barometric pressure.

Classic Plus Series Benefits:

  • Superior argon gas retention
  • Optimized energy savings
  • Enhanced environmental comfort and health near windows
  • Excellent condensation resistance, mold resistance and color stability
  • Extreme durability for sustainable performance

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