Better Installation. Lower Energy Costs.

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The Casa Bella Advantage Means Top Quality Replacement Windows And Doors

Better Installation, Lower Energy Costs

When you engage an established windows and doors company that has been in business for over 60 years, you can truly experience the difference. In keeping with consumer demand, market trends and environmental concerns, Casa Bella focuses on two main factors that add immense value to our customers and set us apart from others in the industry – Better Installation and Lower Energy Costs.

Better Installation

We strongly believe that installation makes all the difference to how your windows and doors perform, now and in the future. Even the best quality product will not deliver the right results unless trained professionals install it correctly. That is why we never outsource or sub-contract installation of our windows. We have our own bonded, licensed and insured installers that are skilled, trained and experienced to do the job right. We have installed over 5 million windows and doors for standard, custom-built and high-end, luxury homes across the Greater Toronto Area.

Lower Energy Costs

Our installation expertise and techniques will help lower your energy costs. Also, did you know that a new window could lose up to 50% of its overall stated R-value if it uses a metal-based spacer at the edge of the glass? (R stands for the “resistance” of the transfer of heat or cold through a solid object. So, a higher R-value means better insulation and protection against energy loss.) All Casa Bella windows feature Warm Edge Spacer and Super Spacer™ technology which block the heat escape path and provide the best thermal performances in the industry. With a higher energy rating than current Energy Star requirements, our windows reduce your energy consumption and deliver great savings all year round.