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Spotlight On Our Uniqwood Plus Windows And The Benefits Of Vinyl Wood Hybrids

April 28, 2017 BY Paul Gitlin | LEAVE A COMMENT

If you own an old home, or a heritage home, retaining that classic and rustic appeal is likely a priority when replacing your windows. While choosing to stick with a wood frame will keep the look of your home consistent, wood requires more maintenance, and should be repainted or re-stained approximately every 3-4 years to […]

Replacing Your Windows The Right Way This Spring

April 21, 2017 BY Paul Gitlin |

Springtime in the GTA brings its own unique list of worries for homeowners, and sometimes we forget how important it is to be diligent about home care and maintenance. High heating bills, cold drafts coming in through the front door, condensation accumulating between window panes are all signals that certain structures in your home might […]

“Cleaning your Windows”

July 5, 2016 BY Admin User |

It’s a beautiful summer day, your grass, flowers and trees look healthy and well maintained. Now it’s time to clean your vinyl windows. Use whatever glass cleaner you’re comfortable with, but when it comes to the vinyl frames and sash, follow these simple instructions. A mild dish soap and water solution applied with a soft […]

Great price..bad installation. How do you like your windows now?

June 8, 2016 BY Admin User |

You thought you did everything right when deciding on a supplier for your new windows and doors. You went out and got at least 2 – 3 quotes, had the features and benefits of the products explained to you and felt you asked all the right questions…except one! ” Who’s installing my windows and doors?” You […]

Window Condensation and Controlling Moisture on your Windows

May 24, 2016 BY Admin User |

Condensation is the formation of moisture on the inside surface of a window. The effects of window condensation can range from minor inconvenience of having obstructed visibility and reduced natural lighting, to major concerns of water stains, peeling interior finishes, rotting and the formation of mold. Causes of window condensation include: Day-to-day living: 4 occupants […]

Getting the best installation for your new Windows and Doors

May 5, 2016 BY Admin User |

When looking to replace windows and doors, most people tend to focus primarily on the features and minor details of the products and overlook the importance of the installation. The correct installation of replacement windows and doors is just as important as the right product. It is almost impossible to get the full energy efficiency […]

Steel Doors or Fiberglass Doors: which entry system is right for you.

November 3, 2015 BY Admin User |

If the time was spent carefully selecting the tile on the kitchen’s back-splash, then why should your entry door get any less attention? There will be lots of ideas to point at and say “I want that one” but is it ‘the one’? Your home is beautiful, and picking the right front door will help […]

Window Replacement 101

October 27, 2015 BY Admin User |

From the outside to inside, windows play an invaluable role in a home’s function and visual appeal. Replacing your home’s windows require some planning and consideration. But well-manufactured and well-installed windows can really pay off in both aesthetic appeal and utility savings. Casa Bella Windows and Doors has taken the guess work out of replacing […]

7 worthwhile reasons to replace your old windows

August 31, 2015 BY Admin User |

 Knowing when to replace your existing windows can be a conundrum for homeowners, as there are both obvious and invisible signs that windows aren’t doing their job when it comes to safety and energy efficiency. If your home is older than 15 years, it’s a good idea to check and ensure that your windows are […]