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Our Strong Commitment To Shrinking Energy Waste

January 23, 2018 BY Paul Gitlin | LEAVE A COMMENT

There are many changes and modifications people can do to reduce their personal carbon footprint — they can commit to drive less, recycle more and buy greener products. You may be surprised to know that a windows and doors company can help reduce carbon footprints in their own way. In case you aren’t aware of […]

Three Property Problems That You Can Solve With Windows

December 21, 2017 BY Paul Gitlin |

Windows can do much more than give you a nice view of the outdoors — they offer a lot of architectural and aesthetic benefits that any homeowner can appreciate. If you feel like your entire home feels too dark, too small and even too stuffy, windows can easily solve these issues. If you want to […]

Easy Steps To Get An Energy-Efficient Home

December 14, 2017 BY Paul Gitlin |

When it comes to concepts like energy-efficiency or sustainability, people tend to imagine the expenses of smart cars and solar panels — while those are definitely lifestyle choices that are ideal for better energy consumption, they aren’t readily available for the average homeowner. Luckily, there are plenty of affordable, accessible and achievable changes that people […]

How To Bring More Natural Light Into A Home

November 21, 2017 BY Paul Gitlin |

When homeowners shut their houses off to the outside world, they can make their house feel smaller, dimmer and gloomier. Here at Casa Bella Windows & Doors, we understand that the average home can feel completely refreshed when it lets in more natural light. If you make some home improvements to let sunlight filter into […]

Essential Tips For Builders Starting A Home Renovation

November 14, 2017 BY Paul Gitlin |

You may have a large number of home improvements under your tool-belt, but there is still a possibility that you are overlooking steps that could make your job easier. These suggestions can help new and seasoned builders with window installations, door installations and problems with difficult clients. These essential tips will ensure that you can […]

Why It’s Important To Get Windows And Doors Professionally Installed

October 26, 2017 BY Paul Gitlin |

While many homeowners are handy around the house, there are times that the DIY mentality can cause more problems than it solves. There are a number of projects that should be completed by professionals with years of experience, training and product knowledge under their belts — window and door installations are two great examples of […]

Home Improvements To Boost The Look Of Your Backyard

October 17, 2017 BY Paul Gitlin |

Start planning your backyard home improvements now, so that you can make changes the moment that the winter snow melts. Here are just a few ideas for renovations and additions to get you inspired for your backyard makeover. The Doors The first home improvement to consider for your renovation is your back entrance, because it […]

What Style Of Door Are You Looking For?

September 30, 2017 BY Paul Gitlin |

If you are in search of an entry door, you will need to weigh your options to find the right fit for your home. To help you with your choices, here is a list of the possible styles of entry doors that you can choose for your home renovation. Here at Casa Bella Windows & […]

Important Steps To Take To Winterize Your Home

September 16, 2017 BY Paul Gitlin |

Canadian winters can be harsh and unforgiving, even in the more moderate climate zones of Southern Ontario. An important way to stay warm and protected during the winter is to equip your shelter from severe weather. Here are some essential steps that you should take to winterize your home, so that you can stay safe […]